PYD 8: Proofreading and the Comma Splice

Proofreading is the main topic of our podcast this week. Whereas one of our previous podcasts covered the entire writing process, from writing drafts, to revising papers, to editing, and proofreading, this week's podcast takes a more focused look at the specific task of proofreading. Since proofreading is a critical part of the writing process, but at the same time, also an aspect of writing that is most often overlooked, or if not overlooked, frequently done ineffectively, we decided that a more detailed look at proofreading techniques would be a great idea for all our listeners!

We also discuss a fantastic Paper of the Week. In this week's nominee for the Paper of the Week, "Presidential Analysis of Ronald Reagan", we take a look at Ronald Reagan and the legacy he left behind. Feel free to check out the free abstract for this paper on our website.

Not sure how to avoid the comma splice or even what a comma splice is? Have no fear because, in our Quick Tips section of our podcast this week, we cover the comma splice; what it is; and how to avoid it.
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Published on Feb 16, 2012
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