Violence in Video Games Article Review by Peter Pen

Violence in Video Games
An analysis of the psychological effects of video games as described in "Playing With Our Minds" by Chris Suellentrop.
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This paper discusses an article called "Playing With Our Minds", written by Chris Suellentrop, in which the author analyzes the psychological and social effects of playing video games. The paper suggests that video games are supplemented with increasingly violent content and the ramification of this trend is that violence has become a new social norm.

From the Paper:

"While they are undoubtedly learning how to use the resources given to them creatively in order to succeed, the same process is skewing them away from being able to realize that they are following a prescribed set of rules that may not have to be accepted. The notion that video games are stimulating creativity and promoting ingenuity is simply untrue, by definition of the two. Without the active psychological allowance of the player to generate their own solutions, creativity is not being allowed rather, to be lead by someone else's reality. Ed Vitagliano explains the psychological conditioning and effects that take place with the patterning of violence in video games, "Emotional and cognitive desensitization to violence decreases the likelihood that violent behavior will either be censored or censured", this same separation from the cognitive ability to discern or refute violence can be translated into the loss of the ability to challenge a system and its binding rules. (Vitagliano, 2006, p. 3) So what begins as the simple and seemingly innocent loss of one side of creativity and free thought, Suellentrop is suggesting can become a tendency to do something more worrisome than violence, saluting."

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