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"The Village Talks"
A summary and analysis if the article, "The Village Talks: Racial Socialization of Our Children." by Harriette Pipes McAdoo.
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The paper discusses the topic of socialization of children and specifically responds to the article "The Village Talks: Racial Socialization of Our Children." by Harriette Pipes McAdoo. In addition, this paper also discusses the socialization of black children by their families, and indicates how this socialization affects children throughout their lives. The premise of this paper is the oft-quoted comment that it "takes a village" to raise a child, and it investigates parenting techniques of African- American parents, their hopes for their children, and the context of slavery and discrimination that still shrouds these people.

From the Paper:

"However, the author makes it quite clear that while Black Americans may share some commonalities with immigrants, they share one enduring dissimilarity, their legacy of enslavement. This clouds the history of Blacks, and still helps shape Black American families today, leaving many Blacks in an inferior position in American society even today. More blacks suffer from poverty, poor education, and lack of opportunities than whites in this country, and the layering of society tend to create a "glass ceiling" that many Blacks cannot break through to reach the next layer of society and societal benefits."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • McAdoo, Harriette Pipes. "The Village Talks: Racial Socialization of Our Children." 47-54.

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