The Cold War and Global Security - An Article Review Article Review by scribbler

A review of J. Mearsheimer's article "Why We Will Soon Miss the Cold War."
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This paper reviews and analyzes J. Mearsheimer's article about the causes and effects of the Cold War, entitled "Why We Will Soon Miss the Cold War." According to the review, the article highlights a number of reasons for the causes of the cold war and its lasting results thus providing insights into global politics today. First, the paper addresses the the multi polar international system that led directly World War I and World War II. Then, the review notes how the original article dealt with rising military strength between the wars and after. Additionally, the review notes the role of nationalism in the Cold War. Finally, the paper deals with the results of the Cold War, which are the crux of Mearsheimer's argument. This is the stability that the Cold War provided to the global political reality. The downside of this is noted, being the rise in the overall amounts of nuclear proliferation. The review concludes with an exploration of the aftermath of the Cold War, which has created a number of different issues that are currently being grappled with today.


Global Security
Causes of the Cold War
Results of the Cold War

From the Paper:

"In the article Why We Will Soon Miss the Cold War, it talks about the different causes of the Cold War, the most notable would include: the multi polar international system. This led directly World War I and World War II, with both wars playing a major role in shaping how the Cold War would develop. This is because of the way the world was organized before World War I, where a multi polar system existed. As the different world powers would form alliances and counter balance the effects of each other, by acting in their own self interests. This led to the desire for power and territorial expansion; by a number of the major powers around the globe. The various territorial aspirations would lead to conflict, as each nation had its own sphere of influence. This would lead to various issues of rivalries and suspicions about what another nation's true intentions are. Over the course of time this would lead to a series of miscalculations, as one power would miss read the actions of the others. Once this took place, it was only a matter of time one power would misread the intentions of another, leading to hostilities. Two good examples of this occurred in 1914..."

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