Teenage Drug Abuse Article Review by Master Researcher

Teenage Drug Abuse
This paper reviews an article about licit and illicit drugs in relation to teens today.
# 88377 | 675 words | 1 source | 2006 | US

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The paper discusses a study that relates to the use of licit and illicit drugs and the affects that they have on teens and society. The paper describes how the study researchers contend that in regard to licit drugs, there is a growing concern for teens because licit drug abuse often leads to the abuse of illicit drugs. Furthermore, the study shows how licit and illicit drugs are closely connected to teenage suicides, with over 28,000 suicides reported annually.

From the Paper:

"While national statistics indicate that illicit drug use by teens has appeared to decline in recent years, the knowledge that many teens practice the abuse of licit drugs needs exploration, according to the researchers (Darboe, Keenan & Richards, 2002, sec. 1). This exploration was, therefore, conducted to determine whether theories of licit drug abuse had foundation in fact, or whether concerns regarding licit drug abuse are without merit."

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