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Statistics on the Death Penalty
A scientific review of four studies that analyze different aspects of the death penalty.
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Published on Jan 11, 2008 in English (Analysis) , Hot Topics (Capital Punishment)

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This paper examines the scientific and statistical validity of a series of studies that present statistical information on some aspect of the death penalty. It examines methods for excluding jurors in death penalty cases, connections between the death penalty and homicide rates, the link between religion, race and support for the death penalty and links between crime rate increases and the death penalty. The paper discusses the statistical strengths and weaknesses that affect the validity of the studies.

Table of Contents:
Neises & Dilehay: "Death Qualification and Conviction Proneness"
Baumer, Messner & Rosenfeld: "Explaining Spatial Variation in Support for Capital Punishment"
Young: "Religious Orientation, Race and Support for the Death Penalty"
Rankin: "Changing Attitudes Toward Capital Punishment"

From the Paper:

"Despite that honesty, there are further issues that Rankin fails to point out. For instance, the data gathered by the NORC was gathered over a period of four years. While this might seem like a lengthy period, it may not be long enough to identify large-scale social trends of the kind that this study hopes to identify. Additionally, Rankin puts a significant emphasis on who respondents voted for in presidential elections as a means of gauging their political party, political views, and general lifestyle concerns. Unfortunately, this may not be the best indicator of any of those factors. These concerns limit the effectiveness of this research."

Sample of Sources Used:

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  • Young Robert L. "Religious Orientation, Race and Support for the Death Penalty." Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 31.1 (Mar. 1992): 76-87.

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