Risk and Anxiety According to Two Articles on Health Psychology Article Review by Quality Writers

Risk and Anxiety According to Two Articles on Health Psychology
A paper describing two articles: "How Americans Are Living Dangerously", by J. Kluger and "The Science of Anxiety" by C. Gorman.
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Published on Mar 31, 2008 in Psychology (Social)

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This paper reviews two articles: "How Americans Are Living Dangerously", relating to how Americans perceive risks and the second article "The Science of Anxiety" dealing with the phenomenon of anxiety and its effects. The author explains that both articles were written for a readership of lay people unfamiliar with the field of health psychology, and points out that although the articles are informative, they lack credibility of an article from more specialized publications.

From the Paper:

"The article is comprehensive in that it compiles the opinions of many experts in risk assessment. It is a multispecialty field, comprised of neuroscientists, psychologists, risk consultants and other academicians in various fields related to risk. Direct quotations from these experts are used often to emphasize points made by the author. The article is written in a type of "inverted triangle" format used such that it attracts attention before discussion of facts in a logical manner such that the reader is engaged by both anecdotes and facts, interwoven to provide a flow that all readers are accustomed to. Technical jargon is explained by examples and are easily comprehendible, perhaps more so than through the use of the strictly scientific (but otherwise precise) definition. This is in stark contrast to the structured format adhered to by the academe, particularly journal articles. This is understandable, since laymen reading this article can absorb the essence of the article rather than details which may be of trivial significance to them.
"While the article is informative and presents much insight into the concept of risk, the article's target audience is left with "just enough" information to be able to process and assimilate it. While the information it provides is indeed useful in promoting well-being, there is a superficial essence to it. This is understandable, since anyone with a more formal educational background would have the tendency to scrutinize this - and any - article relevant to his field of study. In this case, while facts are presented on after the other, there is an unsettling paucity of alternative, negating or even contradictory explanations."

Sample of Sources Used:

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  • Kluger, J. (2006 Nov 27). How Americans Are Living Dangerously. Time. Retrieved March 19, 2007 from http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1562978-1,00.html

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