Post-Divorce Father-Adolescent Closeness Article Review by Peter Pen

Post-Divorce Father-Adolescent Closeness
Reviews an article from the "Journal of Marriage and Family" by Scott about post-divorce father-adolescent closeness.
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This paper looks at a "Journal of Marriage and Family" article, 'Post-Divorce Father-Adolescent Closeness', which reports a study by Scott, Booth, King and Johnson that takes a long-term developmental approach to understanding stability and change in the post-divorce closeness of the relationship between father and adolescent. The paper points out that the study was based on a nationally representative survey of high school and middle school students in the United States called the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. The paper concludes that the study confirms the importance of father-child closeness especially for a positive outcome after divorce.

Table of Contents:
What is This Study Explaining?
Is the Study Worthwhile?

From the Paper:

"Historically fathers' involvement with children has increased in recent decades; mothers continue to do the majority of child care. Mothers tend to be more temporally and emotionally involved with their children than fathers. Few fathers share the primary parenting role with mothers. Another trend is an increase in the awarding of joint legal and more rarely, physical custody to the father. Legal and physical custody arrangements in the divorce decree often do not match the reality of what happens or where children actually wind up living."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Mindy E Scott, Alan Booth, Valarie King, David R Johnson. (2007). Postdivorce Father-Adolescent Closeness. Journal of Marriage and Family, 69(5), 1194-1209. Retrieved May 12, 2008, from ProQuest

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