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Nutrition, Exercise and Ethnicity
A critical analysis of the article; "Patterns and Correlates of Physical Activity and Nutrition Behaviors in Adolescents" by A. Sanchez, G.J. Norman, J.F. Sallis, K.J. Calfas, J. Cella and K. Patrick.
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The paper examines the article "Patterns and Correlates of Physical Activity and Nutrition Behaviors in Adolescents", which demonstrates the ethnic differences in how adolescents exercise and get nutrition. The paper looks at the structure and methodology of the study and concludes that the study represents a high level of research quality.

From the Paper:

"A 2007 study published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine, entitled "Patterns and Correlates of Physical Activity and Nutrition Behaviors in Adolescents" demonstrates that there are marked differences along ethnic lines in how adolescents exercise and get nutrition (Sanchez, Norman, Sallis, Calfas, Cella and Patrick, 2007). The study's purpose, as stated, was to determine the "prevalence, clustering, and correlates of multiple adolescent health behaviors" to assist in informing the "design of health promotion interventions" (124). The study examined a significant sample of adolescents, 878 children aged 11 through 15 years, and looked at their specific daily food intake, level and type of activity, and non-athletic activities such as watching television or playing video games. The article concluded that minority status was the second highest determiner of lower healthy food intake and lower exercise rates in adolescents - the most significant determiner was a low education."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Sanchez, A., Norman, G.J., Sallis, J.F., Calfas, K.J., Cella, J. and Patrick, K. (2007) Patterns and Corrrelates of Physical Actity and Nutrition Behaviors in Adolescents. American Journal of Preventive Medicine 32:2, pp124-130.

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