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Male Sexuality
The paper assesses an article by Charles Michael Smith 'The Politics of Penis Size (Book Review)' in "The Gay and Lesbian Review" relating to the stereotype that African-American males are "well-hung".
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This paper explain that, in Charles Michael Smith's article 'The Politics of Penis Size (Book Review)', which is a review of Scott Poulson-Bryant's book "Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America", the idea of the black sexual Olympian is ridiculed but Smith fails to avoid making some sweeping generalizations that the available literature cannot substantiate. The author points out, from the literature review to assess this article and book, that the myth about African-American men being "huge" and thus more "man" than Asian or Caucasian men is really a projection of deep-seated fears of inadequacy. The paper argues that, if these fears are addressed, then anxiety about the sexual prowess of black men, on the part of those who are non-black will be replaced by a more holistic view of African-American males that restores to them a measure of their full humanity.

Table of Contents:
Summary of Account
Background Research (or what the scholarly literature has to say about penis size and about black men)
Assessment of the Popular Account
Implications and Future Directions

From the Paper:

"According to Charles Michael Smith (2006) the penis is one manifestation of masculine power. Smith goes on to state that penis power is male power and that the tallest buildings, the imposing skyscrapers that dot the landscape of the modern western world, are really the ultimate phallic symbols. In short, the penis equates with all that is seen as masculine, virile, powerful, and potent. Smith, in his review of Scott Poulson-Bryant's, "Hung: A Meditation on the Measure of Black Men in America", writes that white slave-holders often justified the brutal treatment of African-American men by seizing upon the desire of the latter to assault and seize for themselves the womanhood of white females."

Sample of Sources Used:

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