Jail and Prison Design Article Review by Research Group

Jail and Prison Design
Summarizes two articles on the construction and design of security prisons.
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The major concerns of jail and prison design and construction are the security issues. Two articles on the subject are summarized and discussed in terms of construction costs as well as design concepts "Accommodating the Unsavory Side of Society, Contemporary Jails and Prisons" (Tom Adams, 1998) deals with the problem of developing secure prisons, away from the general population and yet still keeping the costs low. "Deciding on a New Jail Design" (A.R. Beck, 1999) refers to the fact that staff safety and prisoner rights are issues that are pushed to the background when jails are designed.

From the Paper:

"Architect Tom Adams writes that challenges of both jail and prison design include the creation of a secure building, safe for staff and detainee or inmate, that is a place to work and rehabilitate rather than become worse off, and to do all of this within the tightest budget possible. Design needs are different for the jail and the prison. The jail is a starting point for those entering the Criminal Justice System and must therefore handle all levels of security. Prisons are the place where everyone is held at least one year. New inmates usually enter at a medium security risk; maximum security accommodations must be supplied for those who acted out in jail. The prison attempts to offer education, training, and work opportunities and counseling (p. 3)."

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