Intercultural Communication Hampered by Latino/Anglo Stereotypes Article Review by Madame Mimi

A literature review of writings on the way Latinos are stereotyped by Anglos and the difficulties this causes in intercultural communication between these groups.
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The paper is a literature review that focuses on the stereotypes between Latino-Americans and Anglo-Americans. It discusses how these stereotypes obstruct communication between these groups and the difficulties in the building of mutually compatible intercultural relationships. The paper also reviews articles that reflect the perspectives of Latino, Chicano, and Mexican American on the diversity of the Latino experience in the United States. Additionally, the paper concludes that most of the research available for study involves Latino/Anglo stereotypes and that further research needs to be done by scholars to specifically address how to encourage better multicultural communication and relationships between both ethnic groups.

Table of Contents:
Understanding Stereotypes and Prejudice
Stereotyping within Latino and Anglo Culture
Eliminating Stereotypes

From the Paper:

"A major theme found in the literature is the influence of the media. Most of the authors represented indicate that stereotyped portrayal of both ethnic groups in film and on TV not only perpetuates stereotypes, but impede intercultural communication. If media is so influential in encouraging these stereotypes, then it follows that an excellent topic for intercultural communication researchers to research would be how media can be convinced to change. Understanding Stereotypes and Prejudice: As we work to live in a more peaceful, integrated and humane world, it is important that we understand how communication barriers are created. Stereotypes create misconceptions and misconceptions create unease, distance, and conflict in our society, as well as prejudice. The importance of understanding how stereotypes have influenced the miscommunication between Latinos and Anglos is crucial in finding solutions."

Sample of Sources Used:

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