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"Gender Differences in Pay"
A review of the article "Gender Differences in Pay" by F. Blau and L. Kahn.
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The paper examines the article, "Gender Differences in Pay" by F. Blau and L. Kahn where the authors discuss the differences in pay between men and women, their different occupations and discrimination. The paper looks at the valid reasons offered for the wage gap but points out that the article only briefly discusses the problem of discrimination. The paper believes that more information about discrimination and women should be discussed in any article about the wage gap between men and women.

From the Paper:

"The wages women receive have risen since the 1970's to the present time. During the 1970's and earlier, people believed women should be paid less than men. Even the Bible states that the wages women should receive is 30 shekels of silver with men receiving 50 shekels (Kahn & Blau, 2000, p. 78). Different reasons for giving men higher wages were argued by the employers and women accepted the difference in pay. However, the wages women received began to increase during the 1980's and have continued to climb in the 1990's. Several problems exist as to why women fail to receive the same wage as men as they get older. Men receive higher wages in their 30's because women often quit their jobs due to having children and only continue to work when their children get older. Men usually stay on the job without taking any time off."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Blau, F. & Kahn, L. (2000). Gender differences in pay. The Journal of Economic Perspectives 14(4), p. 75-99.

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