Frameworks of Future Forecasting of Opportunities and Allowing an Organization to Take Advantage Article Review by Nicky

Review of the article "Environmental Scanning and Organizational Culture " by Saxby, Parker, Nitse, Dishman,
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Published on Jan 27, 2012 in Business (Management)

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This paper reviews the article "Environmental Scanning and organizational Culture" by Saxby, Parker, Nitse, Dishman,, in which the authors progress through a series of discussions regarding frameworks for scanning, assimilating data from, and interpreting environmental factors impacting an organization. The authors draw references to the Deshpande organizational cultural model using it as a framework for defining their own Enhanced Model of Culture, Strategy and Scanning Modes. Additionally, the paper notes that the authors use this augmented framework to be prescriptive regarding the strategies for completing environmental scanning. The paper also notes the competitive pricing strategies of Porter and discusses how the various approaches corporate cultures have in making decisions dictates the effectiveness of environmental scanning. The paper concludes by bringing these potentially conflicting approaches together in the Enhanced Model of culture, strategy and scanning modes the authors propose.


Article Summary
Key Learning Points
Statement Analysis
Critical Analysis
Applying this Knowledge to the UAE
Lessons Learned

From the Paper:

"The following are lessons learned from reading this article. First, the variation in organic versus mechanistic processes relative to internal maintenance versus external positioning brings an added dimension to the existing series of frameworks and theories regarding competitive strategy. The axes of the Deshpande model expanded upon by the authors bring cultural sensitivity of organizations including their core strengths into the analysis. Second, the strategies necessary for navigating the Deshpande Model are provided in the context of the author's recommended framework. This is useful from defining which type of environmental scanning is completed within each type of given industry or company competitive arena. Third, the use of active versus passive scanning and its implication on the strategies chosen is insightful and can be used readily within the defining of scanning as a service to strategists and senior managers in companies."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • (Saxby, Parker, Nitse, Dishman, 28 - 34) Carl L Saxby, Kevin R Parker, Philip S Nitse, and Paul L Dishman. "Environmental scanning and organizational culture." Marketing Intelligence & Planning 20.1 (2002): 28-34.

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