Environmental Psychology and Natural Disasters Article Review by jlatigue

Environmental Psychology and Natural Disasters
A review of two articles on the environmental stressors caused by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
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Published on Dec 20, 2011 in Psychology (General) , Environmental Studies (General)

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The paper reviews two articles that address the lasting impact of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans. The paper discusses how thousands of families had their homes bulldozed down to make room for more luxurious and expensive apartment complexes that the government knew they could not afford, and so many of the original residents cannot move back home. The paper focuses on how this natural disaster continues to negatively affect the community to this day.

Influence on Environmental Psychology

From the Paper:

"Being able to cope with a disaster and bounce back from the adversity a community faces along with that disaster have been the biggest issues for the people of New Orleans. With the changes that the government put into effect, without even a thought towards the thousands of people protesting the changes, the city was changed greatly in what many thought was even a racially charged way. With over 4000 section eight and public housing complexes torn down following the storms, and most all being rebuilt into more expensive housing communities, things might be nicer and safer around New Orleans but the community isn't the same (Fausset, 2011)."When the City Council approved the federal government's plan to tear down 4,500 public housing units in 2007, activists tried to force their way into the council chambers in one of the most dramatic public clashes over post-Katrina rebuilding policy.Police used stun guns and pepper spray on the protesters while, nationally, politicians such as then-Sen. Barack Obama and then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for delaying the tear-downs.In the end, however, the City Council sided with those who believed the massive, maze-like projects were a failure in social and urban planning" (Fausset, 2011, para. 4)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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