Education and Fighting Global Poverty Article Review

Education and Fighting Global Poverty
A review of Hugh Evans' article "Education - A Better Way for the US to Give Foreign Aid".
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Published on Apr 03, 2014 in Child, Youth Issues (General)

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This paper analyzes Hugh Evans' article "Education - A Better Way for the US to Give Foreign Aid" and its arguments on poverty reduction. The paper asserts that investing in education alone to eradicate poverty is not enough; there must be an emphasis on the indirect factors that affect the universal education goal. This paper agrees, however, with the author's observation that a reduction in the illiteracy levels throughout the world will reduce the global poverty index while also promoting women rights, reducing infant mortality rates and increasing the crop yield.

US financial aid towards global education

From the Paper:

"In the article, the author Hugh Evans argues that in order to attain the goal of universal education, the government of the United States of America should increase its aid towards the universal education kitty in order for the 2015 deadline to be met. To bring his point home, the author notes that a report released in April 2013 ranked United States as the second to last in its overall donations to the GPE with a paltry $2.3 million while countries such as Britain and Australia contributed $676 million and $149 million respectively. The author further requests that the president and vice president of the United States, and the USAID administrator should increase the amount of aid available for the attainment of the universal primary school enrolment (Evans 1).
"While it is agreeable that the world will not attain the goal of universal primary school enrollment by 2015 due to the limited resources and time, I tend to disagree with the author's position of total reliance on the United States to attain the goal. This is because attainment of the global goal should be a commitment of all governments of the developed, developing and under-developed nations throughout the world. This is as a consequence of the fact that the United States government, apart from giving aid towards education, has several areas of commitment that are also urgent, for instance, it is highly committed towards fighting terrorism throughout the world."

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