Anemia and Iron Fortification Article Review by Nicky

Anemia and Iron Fortification
A review of the study "Food Fortification Strategy-Preventing Iron Deficiency Anemia: A Review" by Huma et al.
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The paper discusses how according to the article, "Food Fortification Strategy-Preventing Iron Deficiency Anemia: A Review", the problem of anemia persists in the developing world; iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency. The paper reveals the devastating effects of iron deficiency in children and discusses the advantages of fortifying foods with iron.

From the Paper:

"Direct supplementation is often the best method to immediately counteract the effects of anemia. But supplementation alone on a long-term basis is seldom recommended as the sole course of treatment--dietary rectification is usually required for sustained improvement. Food -based strategies can include the introduction of iron-rich foods. But in many nations these types of foods may be poorly available, especially iron-rich meat. Iron fortification of foods is another realistic method for reducing the prevalence of deficiency through consumption. In industrialized countries such as America, breakfast cereals and nutritional bars and shakes are regularly supplemented with iron. The choice of breads and other carbohydrates as the vehicle of iron is deliberate, given that flour-based goods and grains like breads and cereals are "frequently consumed, staple foods.""

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Huma, Nuzhat, Salim-Ur-Rehman, Faqir Muhammad Anjum, M. Anjum Murtaza,& Munir A. Sheikh. (2007). Food fortification strategy-preventing iron deficiency anemia: A review. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 47(3), 259-65. Retrieved May 8, 2009, from ProQuest Medical Library database. (Document ID: 1255748601).

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