"Against Gay Marriage" Article Review by Peter Pen

"Against Gay Marriage"
An article review of William J. Bennett's "Against Gay Marriage".
# 113611 | 815 words | 0 sources | 2009

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This paper summarizes and reviews the article "Against Gay Marriages" by William J. Bennett. The paper explains Bennett's belief that gay marriages are immoral and can cause confusion about marriage in future generations. The author agrees with Bennett's arguments that if Congress passes same-sex marriage laws, the definition of marriage, which is the legal union of a man as husband and woman as wife, would be challenged and would eventually cause social damage and detrimental to the society. The author also praises Bennett's choice of words in his article and his lack of biasness and generalizing when addressing the issue of gay marriage.

From the Paper:

"The author, William J. Bennett, is against gay marriage because he believes it will eventually cause a great amount of social damage. If we acknowledge the legal union of gay and lesbian couples that will force us to change the definition of marriage. Expanding the meaning of marriage to include same-sex marriage would make marriage hard to identify. The legal union of gay and lesbian couples would cause a lot of confusion among the youth. If the law acknowledges homosexual marriages as a legal equal to heterosexual marriage it will be detrimental to our society. For example: we will have to give homosexuals equal rights when adopting kids and we will also have to change the sex education program in public schools to teach that homosexual couples are equal to heterosexual couples."

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