A Review of "The Implications of Climate Change" Article Review by Nicky

An evaluation of the article, "The Implications of Climate Change on Coastal Visitor Numbers: A Regional Analysis" by Coombes, Jones and Sutherland.
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The paper looks at the objective of this study, the study design, the literature review, the population sampling and the methodology. The paper also examines the data collection methods and analysis of the study and concludes that overall, this was a well done study that followed the criteria for good research.

Problem or Objective
Study Design
Literature Review
Population Sampling for Study
Data Collection Methods and Analysis
Limited and Justifiable Conclusions

From the Paper:

"A methodology was developed in this study which applied a model regarding the way visitors respond to spatial and temporal changes along the coast to estimate visitor numbers for a range of beach types in relation to weather conditions. The effects that the climate change and associated rise of the sea level on the coast were identified in regards to four different scenarios. The methodology presented in the first stage was applied to predict future levels of visitation, taking into account likely changes identified from the different scenarios. In the end, the implications of predicted changes in visitor numbers were evaluated and possible management strategies outlined (Coombes, Jones, and Sutherland, 2009).
'In this study two regression models were developed in order to predict visitor numbers at coastal sites. The first model explained geographical variations in levels of visitation by predicting visitor numbers within 200-m-long sections of the East Anglian coastline from beach characteristics. Information concerning levels of visitation along the East Anglian coastline was obtained from aerial video footage. The coastline from Snettisham in Norfolk to Felixstowe in Suffolk was filmed from an aircraft on Saturday, April 12; Saturday, June 21; and Sunday, August 24, 2003. These dates were chosen in order to allow levels of visitation to be compared between peak and off-peak seasons. Filming was done during the middle of the day. Successively longer stretches of coastline were filmed during each of the flights so that they covered 150 km, 205 km, and 215 km, respectively for the three flight dates (Coombes, Jones, and Sutherland, 2009)."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Coombes, Emma G., Jones, Andy P., and Sutherland, William J. (2009). The Implications of Climate Change on Coastal Visitor Numbers: A Regional Analysis. Journal of Coastal Research, 25(4), 981-990.

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