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A Review of Terling's Article on Private Schools
A summary and reaction to the article "Private Schools are not Emotional Havens for Teens", by Toni Terling.
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This paper summarizes the article by Toni Terling, "Private Schools are not Emotional Havens for Teens", which states that while private schools do show a higher level of achievement, for example, they also show increased risk of suicide and weapon use, among other negative outcomes. The author then goes on to discuss his personal reaction to the article's finding and how it relates to his experiences in the American school systems.

Article Summary
Response to Article
How This Relates to My Own Personal Experiences
Insights the Article Adds to My Experience
Works Cited

From the Paper:

"Alternatively, the many friends I had that attended private school had an overwhelmingly more positive experience than I encountered in public school. If a student became depressed or violent in their private school, the issue was noticed immediately due to the small setting and was taken care of swiftly. Of course, cliques, being a product of human nature, existed on a smaller scale in my friends' schools, however, these cliques were less cohesive. This appears to be because the small setting gave everyone the feeling of belonging to the same big group, which allowed them to avoid splintering into smaller ones as is common in the larger public school environment."

Sample of Sources Used:

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