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A Qualitative Study Evaluation
An evaluation of the study, "Depression and Substance Use in two Divergent High School Cultures: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis" by Way, Stauber, Nakkula and London.
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This paper reviews and analyzes the qualitative mixed methods in the research article "Depression and Substance Use in two Divergent High School Cultures: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis" written by researchers, Way, Stauber, Nakkula & London. The paper relates that this work is a mixed methods research study attempting to compare two divergent high school cultures to see if the culture component has a significant impact on depression and substance use. This evaluation focuses on the qualitative aspects of the study, analyzing the title, the problem statement, the review of literature, the purpose of the research questions, the qualitative data collection methods and the qualitative data analysis and findings.

Title for the Study
Problem Statement
Review of Literature
Purpose of Research Questions
Data Collection
Data Analysis and Findings

From the Paper:

"The title of the study Depression and Substance Use in two Divergent High School Cultures: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis clearly reflects the central phenomena being studied expressing the two issues of at risk associated with the population. The population being studied is also clear from the title though the location or population divergence could be highlighted to a fuller degree. For example the study title might briefly reflect how the two divergent groups vary, i.e. rural vs urban, higher achieving vs lower achieving, lower or higher student resource allocation or lower or higher socioeconomic group etc. as at risk youth have frequently been said to vary in at risk behaviors do in part to environment, and therefore the divergence between the groups is fundamental to understanding what is being studied. If the study title had done so the work would likely be easier to understand from the onset and the reader would have a better idea what the researchers had in mind with regard to divergence. The introduction of the work solves this problem by rapidly stating that the two divergent groups are suburban and inner-city high school populations but again the title could have stated this information to avail the compared divergence at the onset."

Sample of Sources Used:

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