Article Review

An article review can be written on any type of article, including case studies, surveys, journals, editorials, news articles and more.  The purpose of an article review, however, remains the same: to provide a summary and evaluation of the article being reviewed. For some helpful hints about how to review an article, read on.

Choosing an Article for a Review:

  • If you haven't been already assigned an article to review, you'll need to choose one.  If this is the case, make sure you choose an article on a topic that interests you, not just what you think might interest your audience.
  • Get suggestions from other people whose opinion you trust or get ideas from Internet sites for sample article reviews.
  • If you think you've found an article that interests you, before committing, scan the article to make sure that it uses vocabulary and a writing style that you can comprehend.

Article Review Structure:

The structure of an article review follows the introduction-body-conclusion format.

The Introduction:

  1. A sentence that presents the name of the article being reviewed and all bibliographical information of the review article such as the author's name and publishing information.
  2. A couple of very brief statements explaining what the article is about.
  3. A brief sentence summarizing your reaction to the article.

The Body:

  1. A summary of the article, which discusses the main points made in the article.
  2. An explanation of the purpose of the work.
  3. A critical evaluation or response to the article.  This can be both positive and negative.

The Conclusion:

  1. A brief summary of the article.
  2. A summary of your overall evaluation or review of article.
  3. A discussion on who might find the article interesting and the overall usefulness of the article.

Choosing a Title for an Article Review

  • Make sure the title of your article review is different from the title of the actual article.
  • If you do use the title of the article as part of the title of your review, make sure the title of the article is within quotation marks.  The title of your review, however, should not be in quotation marks.
  • The title should be brief and descriptive.
  • A good title is important.  Look at some sample article reviews to get ideas about what to title your own paper.

Important Tips for Writing an Article Review

  1. Always read the article you are about to review entirely so that you understand the article well enough to write an insightful and informative review.
  2. When writing the summary, be sure to use your own words.  Avoid using the same word groupings as the author of the article.  If you quote directly from the article, make sure you use quotation marks indicating what has been quoted.
  3. As you write your critique, try to answer questions such as whether the work is fair, clear, researched sufficiently, if it fills a void in the literature on the topic, whether the writer is qualified to write on the topic etc.
  4. Find sample article reviews to view so you can see examples of how an article review should be written.  It can be helpful to buy an article review from a reliable Internet site that sells academic papers.  The article reviews purchased can provide ideas for a review as well as an example of how to write an article review.

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