Workplace Discrimination - An Overview Argumentative Essay by Nicky

A look at issues of discrimination in the workplace.
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This paper presents a hypothetical situation of preferential hiring based on race, showing how the downside and arguing against this practice. The paper is told from the viewpoint of an African-American woman. Various reasons are discussed which show why preferential hiring based on race should be avoided. In particular, the paper notes that it may actually fuel, rather than extinguish, feelings of racial hostility. Next, the paper cites legislation which supports hiring based on race when all other capacities of the candidates are equal. It also explores cases and commissions which support equal hiring. The paper also discusses the concept of compensation for suffering. Despite this, the paper strongly argues that over hiring, or hiring because of a past wrong, however, does not solve the issue. The paper concludes by stating that overt discrimination is waning, especially since it is a clear and enforceable crime to discriminate. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that anyone, in today's society, cannot achieve whatever he or she wishes.

From the Paper:

"More importantly preferential hiring may actually fuel, rather than extinguish, feelings of racial hostility. Applying the concept of preferential hiring to another situation may help elucidate its shortcomings. A party of white men and a party of black men both arrive at a restaurant at the same time and only one table is free. The headwaiter can only seat one party and must make a decision. According to preferential hiring theory it is necessary to seat the black party first, since historically blacks have been discriminated against when seated in restaurants. In another situation, a white man and a black man are both equidistant from the last seat on the bus. Both men are the same age, have no medical problems, and are equal in all ways except skin color. Should the black man get the seat since in the past black men have been discriminated against? We could continue this practice for several centuries before the debt we owe for depriving blacks of a seat on the bus would be paid. Perhaps these examples are invalid. It could be said that jobs are a different issue. They help define social status and provide economic well being."

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