Wind Power Argumentative Essay by TJ Davis

Wind Power
A look at why wind power is a better economic and environmental bargain than the non-renewable energy sources we use now.
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Wind power could be the wave of the future; however, it hasn't been utilized to even a small percentage of its full potential. In this essay, the advantages of wind power are explored, and concerns about the transition to this form of energy are addressed.

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"It is the year 2003, and Americans are in a crisis. This predicament is much greater than the obvious issues currently plaguing this country. The threat of terrorism and our economic recession might be setbacks to the nation's progress, but the United States of America's dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power is alarming. Even when scientific advancements have been made concerning the harnessing of renewable and perpetual resources for energy, especially wind power, it is highly neglected. Although it has been used in several states, wind energy has still faced opposition and hasn't been used to its full potential, even though it is the better bargain in the long run."

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