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Why Women should be Allowed in Combat
An argument for women to be allowed in combat positions in the U.S. military.
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Published on May 02, 2013 in English (Argument) , Women Studies (General) , Military (General)

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The paper looks at the history of women in the military and relates that despite the accomplishments of women in gaining access to the Army's workforce, they are still technically prohibited from active combat by the National Defense Authorization Act FY-06 and by direct combat probability coding (DCPC) which, initiated by the Army in 1982, identified military positions considered dangerous to women and disallowed women from occupying these positions. The paper outlines the prime arguments against women holding combat positions; that women are inferior physically, women distract men in combat, claims of promiscuity and societal values, and provides counter arguments to each of these claims. The paper contends that women should not be made to suffer because of cultural conditioning, and if women want to, and apparently they can, they should be accorded equal opportunity in combat, as in every other aspect of war.

From the Paper:

"Women make up about 10% of the 230,000 US troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are medics and military police, truck drivers and helicopter pilots" (quoted by Meelarp, 2006, p.2) Some of them are even involved in dangerous combat support missions, for which several of them have garnered Silver Stars (Sheppard, 2007). More wish to join. Yet, the National Defense Authorization Act FY-06 has excluded women from combat units, and although affairs have become more complex in this current war with Iraq, the United States Armed Forces disallows women from occupying military occupational specialties (MOS) that are combat arms specific. For that reason women are excluded from the infantry, artillery, tanks, ground intelligence and amtraks that are considered exclusively male since they deal directly with combat.
"Not all women are happy with this state of affairs. Captain Judith Galloway (1978) complained that exclusion limits women from promotion in the Army since "the limitation on our role as combatants seriously affects the kinds of challenging jobs we will be allowed to hold and our promotion potential" (p.1). General Holm, another woman, asserted that restraints on females were irrational and implemented due only to cultural conditioning. The deeply ingrained belief that national defense was masculine duty was, she asserted, erroneous and unfair."

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