Why I am in Favor of Abortion Argumentative Essay by Nicky

An argument supporting autonomous reproductive rights.
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Published on May 29, 2012 in Hot Topics (Abortion)

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This writer acknowledges the argument against elective abortion at any point in the pregnancy beyond the point where the fetus becomes capable of perceiving physical pain, however, he is opposed to the belief that human life begins at conception. The writer argues that the state has the moral responsibility to protect the life and rights of the fetus at a certain point, yet, that point must reflect the scientific data about things such as fetal viability outside the womb and fetal sentience. The writer further contends that the attempt to control what a pregnant woman does with her own body is offensive to the concept of individual rights and autonomy.

Background of the Controversy
The Issue of Concern for the Fetus
The Issue of Religious Freedom
The Issue of Personal and Reproductive Autonomy

From the Paper:

"I completely understand the argument against elective abortion at any point in the pregnancy beyond the point where the fetus becomes capable of perceiving physical pain. This is strictly an issue of empathy for the fetus who should not be made to suffer physical pain (Reiman, 1999). Of course, modern anesthesia could be employed at any stage of pregnancy, in effect eliminating the basis for moral concern predicated on fetal suffering. However, that raises an even more complicated issue: in theory, the fetus could be fully anesthetized during the last week of pregnancy. Therefore, while fetal sentience is a legitimate basis for opposing elective abortion beyond a certain stage of development, the absence of pain does not necessarily justify all abortions (Dershowitz, 2002; Reiman, 1999).
"I understand that it may be impossible to predict with certainty exactly when each fetus first becomes capable of perceiving pain. On the other hand, it is fully within our scientific ability to outline the stages before which sentience is impossible, such the stages of development before the brain and nervous system form. I believe that were it is impossible to determine whether or not a fetus can yet feel pain there is a moral obligation to err on the safe side. However, that issue must be left for physicians and biologists to determine and not religious dogma."

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