Whaling as a Cultural Norm Argumentative Essay by Shaad

Whaling as a Cultural Norm
An argument that whaling as a cultural norm is indefensible and should not be supported.
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Published by on Jan 31, 2011 in Anthropology (Cultural) , Environmental Studies (Wildlife Protection)

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This paper discusses the moral implications of whale hunting in terms of its use as a cultural practice. The specific context of the discussion is the resumption of whaling by the Makah Indians of Washington State after a hiatus of nearly a century. The paper presents the native peoples' arguments of "eco-imperialism", but then refutes this argument in terms of modernity and how it must include native peoples. The paper proposes a solution that is to introduce native peoples to the norms of science and modernity so that they will face the reality of modernity and adapt their customs accordingly.

From the Paper:

"Science faces a dilemma when it comes to consider the breakdown of society in the face of technological advance. The situation is even more difficult when science takes the environmentalist stance and then finds itself in opposition to native cultures, which it also wants to preserve. Anthropological studies have shown that many cultures around the world are integrally linked to whaling, both economically and culturally. But now that whales are facing extinction, the scientific community must make a decision as to which is more worth preservation, native human cultures, or the population of whales. In my opinion, science should support the latter cause."

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