Was Paul the Father of Misogyny? Argumentative Essay by thowyatt

Was Paul the Father of Misogyny?
Examines some of the issues surrounding the apostle Paul in connection with his apparent misogynistic bias.
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This paper discusses some of the evidence which shows the apostle Paul as a misogynist, as well as some of the literature that has been written on the subject. Citing from Paul's epistles, the writer describes the inconsistencies in Paul's teachings about women. While some of Paul's writings show favor of a male-dominated world, others seem to proclaim equality, unity, and respect for women. However, passages like 1 Corinthians 11 rank women clearly below men. The paper concludes that Paul is biased in a misogynistic fashion unless some of his passages in the Bible were actually written by someone else.

From the Paper:

"Paul was a man from Tarsus, who became a believer in Jesus Christ as the savior when he had a vision as he was on the road to Damascus. This vision was of the resurrected savior, and it was on this image that he based the rest of his life. After this incident, Paul spent his days teaching the word of Christ. But in his teachings there is a noticeable, antifeminist bias. Some, however, have speculated that some of these writings, which are included in the Bible attributed to Paul, may have been written by another. This, though unlikely, because in numerous books where his writings are recorded his biases are shown, would be the only scenario that would save Paul from his apparent sexist views."

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