Waltz and Wallerstein Argumentative Essay by prince75

Waltz and Wallerstein
A discussion of the contention between the realism anarchic world and the world system of neo-Marxism.
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In this essay, it is argued that there is a recurring pattern of relation between entities of international relations. Such a pattern is the structure in which the relations unfold. Even though it is apparent that entities, which are parts of a structure, contribute to the formation of their relational structure, it is arguably more expedient to limit analysis to the way structure is maintained and influences agency. Secondly, this essay is of the view that the two suggested structures are not mutually exclusive although not compatible either. In order to advance those arguments, this paper first elaborates the principles of the two approaches separately. Then, the essay elaborates defensive arguments of both approaches in asserting their structural approach. After that, the essay engages in debate between the two approaches as to which structure profoundly influences the nature of IR.

From the Paper:

"Another critic to Neo-Realist approach questions the very concept of anarchy itself. Wendt argues that anarchy is not an objective reality but a social construct. He maintains that the anarchy does not necessary entail the system of self-help. He argues that self-help is an institution that reflects the process of identity and interests formation. The formation of identity, and interests, can only take place in a social context. In that context, the result will depend on the interaction which can vary greatly. Therefore, self-help is arguably only one of possible outcomes. By arguing this, he is saying that anarchy is not a necessary structure of international relations, and that the structure stand in a mutually-constitutive relations with agents. Changes of the structure is not impossible."

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