Wal-Mart's Health Insurance Policies Argumentative Essay by JJean

Wal-Mart's Health Insurance Policies
This paper discusses the ethics of Wal-Mart's minimal health insurance plan for workers.
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The paper discusses how Wal-Mart's health insurance policies for its workers has burdened taxpayers, as many Wal-Mart employees are forced to take advantage of public welfare programs. The paper provides recommendations for effectively curbing Wal-Mart and its employees from accessing health care services. The paper calls on the government to take severe action so as to stop others from engaging in the same strategies to cut costs and increase profits.

Brief Overview
Conclusions and Recommendations

From the Paper:

"Corporate actions have great effects on the overall economy in terms of determination of wages, consumer index and living standards. In a country where wage distribution reflects the deliberate decisions of corporations, the United States is clearly affected by the kind of wage rates determined by companies. The majority of corporations have a big role in determining the national income, health, expenditure and savings as they are responsible for the working class' welfare as well as income level (Kaysen 1996). Hence, the bigger a company the more effect it has on the overall US economy, and the nation at large. Wal-Mart is one such corporation which in the recent years has come under the grip of debates regarding its policies on health insurance."

Sample of Sources Used:

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