Values and the Lowering of the Drinking Age to 18 Argumentative Essay by Nicky

This research proposal is a discussion on the value judgments of lowering the drinking age in America to 18.
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Published on Apr 29, 2012 in Child, Youth Issues (Teen, Adult Issues) , Hot Topics (General)

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Introducing the idea of evaluating the possibility of lowering the age for adults to begin consuming alcohol, it provides a simple basis for the values not to allow such a change. The paper is based on a hypothetical situation but pulls from direct studies and commentary arguing the fallacies against a lowering of the drinking age. Also addressed in the essay is the trouble police and campus security officers on college campuses face by forcing students to drink in obscurity, which opens up the possibility of drunk driving and such.

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From the Paper:

"Health professionals, educators and public officials have argued that underage drinking is a serious sociological concern and a major public health crisis in the United States. The impression that America's youth trend toward binge drinking, intoxicated driving and a range of other unhealthy behaviors associated with alcohol consumption at a greater rate than is true in other countries may have less to do with distinctions in America's culture than its laws. Indeed, the United States has long struggled to define its position on the sale and consumption of spirituous beverages, with the prohibition of the early 20th century demonstrating the sharp contrast between moral watchdog groups which target alcohol and the major sectors of public and private interest who embrace it.
"Though prohibition was quickly repealed due to its total lack of enforceability, lawmakers have battled over a drinking age that has wavered between 18 and 21. The last time that it was at this former point was during the Vietnam Era. Here, lawmakers would bend to one of the clearest rationales for lowering the age, with critics asking, 'how can we as a society say that 18-year-olds are old enough to kill or die in the armed forces, participate in the course of the nation in the voting booth, judge their peers in a jury, and, yes, operate automobiles ... but that they are insufficiently mature to take a drink.' (Schlesinger, 1) This logic would produce a change in law and would simultaneously establish a basis for many of the arguments made today."

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