Validity of Plato's Theory of Forms Argumentative Essay by Nicky

Validity of Plato's Theory of Forms
An argument for the validity of Plato's theory of forms.
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Published on May 20, 2012 in Philosophy (Ancient Greek)

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This paper examines how Plato's theory of forms combines previously devised concepts and theories of science, of the Sophists and of Socrates. It attempts to show that the amalgamation of these previously mapped principles lends enough credibility to Plato's theory of forms to make it valid. The paper also argues that while there are certain points of contention to be made, as is so with any theory, Plato's insights into the metaphysical universe are, on the whole, convincing.

Concepts Derived from Science, Sophists and Socrates
Scientific Support for Plato's Theory of Forms
Sophist Support for Plato's Theory of Forms
Socratic Support for Plato's Theory of Forms

From the Paper:

"In Plato's view, in order for something to be truly real, it must also act as a permanent and enduring fixture over time. He considered reality to be more deeply connected to the final state of being, rather than the process which perpetuates that state. However the "enduring fixture" component is not enough to change the reality. Moreover, there are some true beliefs that even when they are logical in nature, cannot be legitimately referred to as knowledge.
"Consider the following example: I am expecting to watch my favorite weekly television show and truly believe that it will be on, based on my prior knowledge that the show has aired every week for three months at the same time, on the same day. But if the television show does not air as expected, my knowledge is true (in that I know the show should be on) but my belief is false because other factors that were not originally considered (e.g., a sporting event that went into overtime, canceling of the show or a special broadcast event). Therefore the key question I must ask myself is "what elements need to be added to true belief to make it translate into knowledge?""

Sample of Sources Used:

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