U.S. in Iraq Argumentative Essay by cee-cee

U.S. in Iraq
Argues that the U.S. should withdraw from Iraq.
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This paper states that the Iraq war has been an unmitigated disaster since its ill-conceived launch for unjustifiable and undisclosed reasons. Although the author presents arguments for and against withdrawing U.S. forces, the paper underscores, that the Islamic people will never abandon their traditional ways in favor of a political system imposed from the Christian West. All the arguments for remaining in Iraq are specious, the author believes, because the eventual result in Iraq will be the same regardless if the U.S. withdraws or remains in the country.

Table of Contents:
Arguments for Withdrawing U.S. Forces from Iraq as Soon as Possible
A War of Occupation against Insurgent Resistance is Not Winnable
The War in Iraq Has Severely Compromised U.S. Efforts in the War on Terror
Arguments Against Withdrawing U.S. Forces from Iraq as Soon as Possible
Establishing a Credible Democracy in a Free Iraq is Worth the Short-Term Sacrifices
Withdrawing U.S. Forces from Iraq Now Undermines U.S. Credibility Irreparably

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