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An examination of the evidence supporting transsexualism as a medical condition.
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This paper discusses and analyzes the physical etiology of transsexualism. It looks at the arguments supporting and against the medical status of transsexualism. The paper concludes that there is compelling medical evidence that transsexualism is in fact a medical condition and, therefore, suggests that it should be treated with the same care and compassion that other medical conditions are treated.

Table of Contents:
Exordium (Introduction)
Plan of Proof

From the Paper:

"Thus, it is concluded that although we cannot be absolutely certain of the causes of transsexualism, it is both humane and sensible to listen to those who actually have the condition. Some people believe transsexuals are mistaken, and are merely misfits in our strict, binary gender system - but surely the important point is that transsexuals themselves believe they have a medical condition? Moreover, there is medical research which supports their belief. Yet transsexuals are often severely victimized, and even killed. This makes as little sense as beating up on people in wheelchairs, or attacking children in cancer wards. It seems very likely that transsexualism is a medical condition, and as civilized people we should not allow other people to be victimized for medical conditions. Therefore, prejudice against transsexuals should be stopped, and transsexuals should be entitled to have the medical treatments they request."

Sample of Sources Used:

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