The World Since The End of The Cold War Argumentative Essay by writingsensation

The World Since The End of The Cold War
An analysis of the security concerns of the world since the end of the Cold War.
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The paper argues that the post cold war era has heightened global security concerns and more particularly the security worries of the United States. It describes how America, as a nation, is now challenged by forces, which by nature are much smaller and weaker, however due to their uncertain and unorthodox warfare, have made the U.S. more vulnerable than ever before.

Table of Contents:
The Post Cold War Disarray
Terrorism the new World War
Iraq war and New Implications

From the Paper:

"The direct involvement of the US in the Middle East has lasted for more than a decade now. At this point, an evaluation of the success of the U.S involvement reveals that the country has failed in its mission, (creating stability) at least to a large extent. Chaos and the state of anarchy continue. For instance, the post Sadam Hussain period has turned Iraq into a melting pot of anarchy. As Fuat Keyman states, "Weapons of Mass Destruction and any organic bond between Iraq and September 11 terrorist could not be found"[Ramin Ahmadov] and this has further infuriated the nationalist sentiments of the people of the Middle East. This translated into 'anti American' and 'anti western sentiments' resulting in global attack against western interests. "And world turned into a more insecure place. In the same period we observed that Palestine question, that has key role in the formation of regional peace, entered into irresolvable situation.". [Ramin Ahmadov]"

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