The War on Terror Argumentative Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

The War on Terror
An examination of the ramifications of the war on terror in the United States and around the world.
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This paper examines President Bush's self-proclaimed "war on terror." It specifically discusses the so-called ripple effects of the war on terror, both in America and around the world. It looks at the climate of fear that it has created where we are willing to give up our civil liberties. The paper suggests that in fact, the war on terror has increase terrorism all over the world.

From the Paper:

"In Susan Griffin's essay called "Our Secret," she explains the life of Heinrich Himmler and possible reasons why he turned out the way he did and why he did the things he did. We are still feeling the effects of his actions today, but Griffin leaves us with the idea that maybe he could have changed. I leave the same question for President Bush and America. Could we change? Could we understand that our actions, not only in this war on terror, but in everything we do, have long-lasting ramifications around the world? While Bush would love for us to believe that we were simply "going after the enemy" as a way to justify the war, thenv fact is Iraq did not bomb the World Trade Center. They were never the enemy as our president would have us believe. Bush keeps us fearful by fighting this war and coincing us that we are fighting the enemy, but we need to get over our fear. Terrorism has always existed and will always exist. Are we at any more risk than we were in the past? Well, because of this war, we might actually be in more danger as statistics tell us that terrorism is on the rise. It is like President Bush has issued a challenge to all terrorists, and many will rise to the occasion of defeating the U.S. As the war goes on, we lose more and more international allies as well. Eventually, will there be anyone left to side with us? Do we have the power to change?"

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