The Undesired Side of Globalization in Canada Argumentative Essay by tiff123

The Undesired Side of Globalization in Canada
This paper challenges the theory that globalization does inevitably benefit everyone in Canada.
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In this article, the writer notes that globalization has had major impacts on Canada and not necessarily for the better. What is often referred to as the new world economy, the internationalism of capitalism, the global village and neo-liberalism, globalization is about a world wide wave of liberalization of trade, investment and capital flows. The writer discusses that this brings the consequent growing importance of these flows and of international competition in the world economy. The writer points out that national boundaries, tariffs, and subsidies are all broken as a result of alliances between nation states and large corporations. The writer argues that as big businesses can search the world for the cheapest and most efficient workers, communities, and countries to produce their particular product, not everybody in Canada wins.

From the Paper:

"McBride and Shields argue that Canadian neo-liberalism will inevitably lead to a collapse of Canada's already weak identity. Resistance to the negative effects of globalization must be implemented before changes can be made. Brecher and Costello offer a number of suggestions to counteract the negative effects of globalization. They propose we start by changing our outlook and seeking to satisfy individual Canadians instead of large corporations. This will involve democratizing global institutions like the World Bank, the IMF, and GATT/WTO. As globalization brings competitiveness we must realize how it can command our lives and know the difference between a short term constraint of competitive edge and long term growing competitiveness and learn to limit this before it completely takes over our lives. This process means that we must create a democratic world structure to which large corporation feel accountable for their often heartless actions, creating a strict set of rights and standards will assist this new democracy protecting the rights of the Canadian people. "

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