The Presidency of G.W. Bush Argumentative Essay by writingsensation

The Presidency of G.W. Bush
This paper refutes the Presidency of George W. Bush based on his unsatisfactory performance regarding the war in Iraq, the faith-based initiative and the 'No Child Left Behind Act'.
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Published on Jul 27, 2006 in History (U.S. Presidency) , Political Science (U.S.) , English (Argument) , Hot Topics (Iraq Wars)

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This paper states that President George W. Bush's (1) foreign policy is overly ambitious, violent and disruptive to world peace; (2) faith-based initiative unravels years of social progress by reintroducing religion into the domain of politics and (3) the 'No Child Left Behind Act' leaves behind precisely those children it claims to help. The author bases this refutation of George W. Bush's presidency on the ideology of liberalism, which cannot stomach the war in Iraq because that war was a preemptive strike against a sovereign nation, cannot fathom a faith-based initiative that permits overt discrimination and cannot tolerate legislation like the 'No Child' Act because of its discrimination against underprivileged communities. The paper recommends that President Bush could do a far better job in the Oval Office by implementing some basic changes to his administration's ideology such as being more cooperative with the international community regarding matters of foreign policy.

From the Paper:

"Bush's 'No Child Left Behind Act' is no less frightening than the faith-based initiative. Hiding behind good intentions, the 'No Child Left Behind Act' fails to take into account a major factor: reality. Jim Donlevy notes, "It simply is not reasonable to continue to identify thousands of failing schools throughout the United States and then to see through to completion the sanctions written into the Act." The Act includes provisions for annual testing for schools, with progress requirements in core subjects such as English, math and science. "The idea is to be sure that all students are learning at higher standards. " However, the Act demands too much too soon. Forcing some schools to shut down due to substandard testing performance, the Act essentially discriminates against poor and underprivileged communities and the students that reside within them."

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