The NATO Libya Intervention Debate Argumentative Essay

The NATO Libya Intervention Debate
Argues against the NATO intervention in Libya.
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This paper presents the three main tenets of the just war theory and then states the reasons why the author believes that the NATO Libya intervention was not a proper action The author contends that the Libyan intervention is similar to the recent invasion of Iraq in that they were unwarranted because they did not satisfy any of these three principles. The paper concludes that the U.S and its coalition of forces intervene in places where they have vested interests and their interventions are not always guided by the three principles of a just war.

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From the Paper:

"The second question is; what was the right thing to do in the war? The military action in Libya was deepened by the scale of bombings undertaken by the coalition of forces and the military action. To start with, the coalition forces made multiple attacks against Libyan Infrastructure miles away from the besieged Benghazi civilians meaning that this attack defied the just cause. According to the second tenet of a just war, the Jus in Bello, there are right things to do in a war and the right thing would have been to rescue the besieged civilians in the north and also protect them from the marauding government forces."

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