The Myth Of The Global Warming Alarm Argumentative Essay by The Research Group

The Myth Of The Global Warming Alarm
A look at whether global warming actually poses as great a threat as we have been led to believe.
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Published on Dec 01, 2004 in English (Argument) , Hot Topics (Global Warming)

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This paper argues that global warming may not be as great a threat to the earth and human concerns as the popular press and some scientists imply. The paper provides an overview of popular beliefs regarding global warming and its disastrous effects, and contends that it is uncertain these effects will actually occur or that we can properly gauge their extent.

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"What is global warming and why is it believed to be a threat to our future? Global warming is the increase in the earth's temperature over time due primarily to a build-up of gases in the atmosphere (Kowalski: Open for Debate..., 2004, p. 9-12). These gases, called "greenhouse gases," trap heat that would otherwise be released into space. This is similar the role of the glass that encases a greenhouse that traps heat within the greenhouse by preventing re-radiation of some of that heat to the outside. The molecules that make up the earth's atmosphere are primarily water and nitrogen, with some carbon dioxide and a small amount of argon. These are not the "greenhouse gases" of concern. The true greenhouse gases, in other words those that are increasing due to human activities and may promote a temperature increase, actually only make up a small proportion of the total gas molecules in the air. They are gases such as methane and nitrous oxides that come from industrial pollution; car and truck exhaust; wood and coal burning; and bacterial decomposition of plant matter in the soil, by termites, and in the stomachs of ruminants such as cattle (Kowalski: Open for Debate..., 2004, p. 12). All these sources of greenhouse gases have increased in production, especially over the past century, and so may contribute to a greenhouse-like warming effect of the earth."

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