The Holocaust and How it Affected its Victims Argumentative Essay

The Holocaust and How it Affected its Victims
A persuasive paper about the existence of the Holocaust and an interpretation of it. This paper will take you through documented accounts of Holocaust victims' families.
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A narrative piece about the Holocaust and whether it existed. The author attacks those who deny the occurrence of the Holocaust and provides various documented accounts of those who survived it. The paper includes an interpretation of the effects of the Holocaust on both the living and the dead and the importance of Holocaust education for the future.

From the Paper:

"There is no question in my mind that there were mass killings of the Jews during World War II and like every great tragedy, there are people who feel it never happened. I wholeheartedly disagree with these people, whether they are against the Holocaust "theory" or are just plain prejudiced towards Jews. There were murders by the millions, and the Jewish victims of the Holocaust were affected by it, both directly and indirectly, as were their family members and friends who may have been thousands of miles away. Even today, people in the world are still affected by the extermination of millions of lives in Eastern Europe in the same respect there are still many people, even entire institutions, who seek to discredit the veracity of the Holocaust, going as far to claim that none of the horrific events ever occurred. (See Adelaide). I will prove that the Holocaust affected many lives, both in living and in death, and that it did indeed happen, through relating factual and opinionated accounts of victims and witnesses, and explaining why what happened to the Jewish population of the Holocaust."

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