The Flaws in Racial Profiling Argumentative Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

The Flaws in Racial Profiling
Argues that racial profiling is a violation of human rights.
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This paper presents two sides of the debate regarding racial profiling by police. The paper first considers the view of those who believe that racial profiling is a 'necessary evil' since it targets specific crimes and thus aids in putting criminals in jail. The writer then argues, however, that although racial profiling accomplishes this task, it merely promotes further discrimination against minorities through stereotyping procedures by the police who are supposed to protect human rights. The writer emphasizes throughout the paper that racial profiling only prohibits equality and further exemplifies the prejudices of the United States.

From the Paper:

"In support of racial profiling the system presents the statistical analysis of criminal activity wherein several important issues are discovered. The support for racial profiling exists in that it is through such analysis that specific crimes came be targeted. The identification of a certain type of criminal activity, such as vandalism, armed robbery, or violence, can direct the responsible policing agency to act accordingly. Such data would show target locations, as well as patterns of victimization, methodology, and possible suspects. Racial profiling is said to be important because it allows the police force to narrow their search criteria by geographical location, gender, appearance (weight, hair, etc), and race which makes it easier to apprehend a subject. Because crime is defined as being "constituted through the definitions of situations that are negotiated between different parties (offender, victim, witness, policeman, judge etc.) in processes of social interaction", it is necessary to understand that interaction. (Meuser & Loepscher 2002; 2)."

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