The Failure of U.S. Drug Policy Argumentative Essay by Zackyg

The Failure of U.S. Drug Policy
A persuasive argument on the complete failure of the United States' drug policy.
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The paper argues that the American moralist approach on drug use has created a huge underground industry of drug distribution and criminal activity. The paper further argues that by treating the drug issue as a criminal issue rather than an issue of public health, the government has wasted enormous sums of taxpayer money and failed to reduce drug use and rehabilitate addicts. The paper contends that fixing the United States' drug policy requires decriminalizing drug use and focusing on treatment programs rather than incarceration.

Supply & Demand Issues and the Black Market
Prohibition, Morality and Regulation
A Criminal Issue or a Public Health Issue?

From the Paper:

"Since President Richard Nixon instituted the "War on Drugs" in 1971, the United States has been consistently ineffective in lowering drug use. In fact, the opposite has generally occurred. Drug use has greatly increased, drug prices have lowered, and America has entered a state of societal decline as an unprecedented number of people struggling with mental health and addiction problems are incarcerated and separated from their families. This ignorant, prohibitionist drug policy has increased crime and unemployment rates, sent money out of the United States, and harmed addicts."

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