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The Death of Affirmative Action
A position paper arguing that affirmative action is the same as reverse discrimination.
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This paper takes a strong stand against affirmative action, arguing that such policy simply replaces discrimination against one race, with discrimination against another. The paper looks at California's Proposition 209, which banned affirmative action programs, and asserts that by passing this proposition, California voters have voiced their wish to put an end to reverse discrimination.

From the Paper:

"Affirmative actions sounds like a good idea. Help eliminate discrimination in the classroom and workplace, so that minorities can gain greater economic independence and find better jobs. It was most likely necessary in the 1960's when racism was prevalent. However, since that time, it has been used as a kind of reverse discrimination. Ayn Rand who believed the hardest workers should be rewarded the greatest, is probably turning in her grave. To her, affirmative action stinks of communism. In communist countries, all workers were seen as equal regardless of their production or intelligence. Affirmative action does the same thing. It rewards the inferior and punishes the superior. It is simply wrong, and California voters have decided they have had enough."

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