The Clash of Civilizations Argumentative Essay by Shaad

The Clash of Civilizations
This paper argues against Samuel Huntington's thesis of an impending civilizational clash.
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In this paper, the writer discusses that, in an article published in the Summer 1993 edition of Foreign Affairs, Harvard professor of Political Science Samuel Huntington advanced a highly controversial thesis, in which he contended that the major conflicts in the future will be between civilizations, and not along political or ideological dividing lines. This essay examines the validity of his claims and advances a contrary view that the speculated civilizational clashes are largely confined to perceptions, and that the resurfacing cultural identities do not carry with them enough conviction of purpose for a distinct clash of civilizations to occur.

From the Paper:

"It begs the question of whether such sweeping generalizations of Huntington's are justified in the first place. When we shift focus from civilization to the individual the picture suddenly loses clarity. The clinching question is this: How willing is the individual to fight on behalf of his civilization? Because to mobilize a civilization against another requires a conviction of purpose to match. When we recall the crusades of the Middle Ages we have an inkling of what a clash of civilizations means. The Crusaders marched to Jerusalem on foot with a sense of purpose that is almost impossible to imagine for modern urbanites troubled with a lack of identity and belonging. Such conviction does not manifest itself anywhere in the free market paradise of today, neither among individuals, nor among nation states."

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