The Case Against Violent Video Games Argumentative Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

The Case Against Violent Video Games
A research paper on the proven harmful effects of violent video games on children.
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The paper analyzes the effects of video game violence on children through an analysis of the research and information from academic communities and then highlights the fallacies in the counter-arguments often used by industry advocates. The paper also critically reviews some of the mechanisms the video game industry has implemented in order to combat opposition and to satiate concerned citizens. The paper addresses the shortcomings of the rating system utilized and suggests solutions to overcome violent video games' harmful effects and to better regulate their sale.

From the Paper:

"The case against violent video games has been long and full of information and misinformation. Often, advocates of the video game industry latch on to some of the more fallacious arguments made by the opposition in order to make it appear as if there are no good reasons to fight for the censoring of violent video games. However, these advocates often fail to address the more poignant of the arguments that have lasting affect. Many studies point to an indication that violent video games do, in fact, present a behavioral risk to young children who are often a great deal more impressionable than the older groups for whom the games are intended. It is also important to point out that games that are played even by the target audience still impact behavior in that older subset, often in substantially negative and potentially long-term ways."

Sample of Sources Used:

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