The Capital Punishment Debate Argumentative Essay by JPWrite

The Capital Punishment Debate
This paper discusses the main reason society does not agree on the issue and, after examining the main arguments for and against capital punishment, concludes in favor of it.
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This paper explains that the primary reason there is so much disagreement between the two camps on the issue of capital punishment, with neither acknowledging the validity of the others arguments, is that many of the supporters of each camp have fundamentally differing stances--morally, ethnically and religiously. The author points out that capital punishment is by no means perfect and much reform within the judicial system is necessary to make it a truly just and positive deterrent force; nonetheless, it is a better alternative to life in prison because, already, our prison systems are extremely overtaxed. The paper concludes that, while some may argue that capital punishment dehumanizes the individual, the same can be said for life imprisonment.

From the Paper:

"As one study on death row inmates showed, the majority where themselves victims of "severe and sometimes bizarre abuse" (Currie 83). Further, many point to the cheapening affect capital punishment has on the value of life as well as the inhumanity of such a sentence. As far as costs are concerned, those who support life in prison, point out that the death penalty is actually the more expensive alternative when you take into account the process of appeals and the excessive length of time most convicts spend on death row. On top of this, some supporters of capital punishment tend to believe that the possibility of a death sentence may, in fact, make jurors less likely to convict an individual of murder and therefore let those guilty of such crimes go free. A far more frequently voiced concern, though, is the possibility of erroneously convicting and carrying out a death sentence on an innocent individual."

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