The American Dream and Equal Opportunity Argumentative Essay

The American Dream and Equal Opportunity
Argues that inequality can disrupt or eliminate the American dream; however, this can be corrected.
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This paper explains that the opportunity to fill the American dream was a major intangible that drove Rosie the Riveter and Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) to build the foundation for equal opportunity for everyone. Next, the author relates that Rosie the Riveter, who was a female icon that motivated housewives during WWII to finally go out and do jobs that were considered only suitable for men, and MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech showed the confidence and determination that can lead to equal opportunity and the American dream. The paper underscores that people most be accepted for their character and not dismissed because of their color or gender. The author includes quotations.

Table of Contents:
American Dream and Equality
Confidence and Leadership
Rosie and MLK
Working, Being Independent, Very American
How Relates to American Dream

From the Paper:

"From this quote King displays confidence, in a sense that he as well as the audience gets a clear interpretation of the reason for this to be historic event. The reason being to establish, "inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" that our founding fathers once promised us several years ago. He is extremely confident that together, he and the American people can achieve what this country has long been waiting for. His posture is stern as well as his tone of voice. Even though these seem to be minute traits they are very vital when giving such an emotional speech."

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