Stem Cell Research is Morally Right Argumentative Essay by scribbler

Stem Cell Research is Morally Right
An argument that stem cell research is both ethical and moral.
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Published on May 01, 2013 in English (Argument) , Hot Topics (Stem Cell Research)

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The paper presents the arguments opposing stem cell research and demonstrates that they are deeply flawed and rely on poor logic. The paper argues that stem cell research is one way medicine can ensure the greatest good for the greatest number, and in fact, stem cell research uses morally neutral means to achieve ethically correct ends. The paper concludes with the contention that stem cell research is not only morally defensible; it is also morally right.

From the Paper:

"The two main objections to stem cell research are outlined as follows. First, stem cell research destroys potential human life. Second, opponents believe that stem cell research "will open the way to a slippery slope of dehumanizing practices, such as embryo farms, cloned babies, the use of fetuses for spare parts, and the commodification of human life," ("Embryo Ethics" 2004).
"A third objection is that stem cell research might not be the boon it is claimed to be by politicians, let alone scientists, and should therefore not be promoted. For instance, Steinfels (2009) indicates there are only "modest goals for embryonic stem cells," (p. 1). If "science is affected by big money," stem cell research could just be a marketing scam that uses politics as a means to release funding for big pharmaceutical companies (Steinfels 2009, p. 2).
"None of these core objections are valid. In "Stem Cells, Biotechnology, and Human Rights," Lauritzen (2005) argues that stem cell research would be "transforming the contours of human life in fairly dramatic ways," (p. 275). Because stem cell research destroys embryos, the argument goes, human life is being snuffed out at one of its early stages. If this were a statement of fact, it would surely be a valid argument."

Sample of Sources Used:

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