Social Worker and Mexican High-School Client Argumentative Essay by scribbler

Social Worker and Mexican High-School Client
Presents the learning activities of a school social worker to help develop a relationship with her Mexican high-school client living in Nova Scotia.
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This paper, creatively written in the format of a professional log, refers to a Mexican high school client, Lydia, who migrated with her family to Canada over a year ago and is having a rough go because the Canadian Mexican population, especially in Nova Scotia, is not very large. Because the school social worker knows very little about the Mexican culture, she familiarized herself with that culture through seven learning activities: Library research, Mexican movies, conversational Spanish, testing the student's knowledge, visiting the student's home and family celebrations and going to a Mexican church. The paper also includes Lydia telling her own story and reacting to her social worker's learning activities.

Table of Contents:
Description of the Situation
Log Entry 1 Learning Activity One
Log Entry 2, Part 1
Log Entry 2, Part 2
Log Entry 2, Part 3
Log Entry 2, Part 4 (Writing as Lydia)
Learning Activity Two
Log Entry 3, Part 1
Log Entry 3, Part 2
Log Entry 3, Part 3
Log Entry 3, Part 4 (Writing as Lydia)
Learning Activity Three
Log Entry 4, Part 1
Log Entry 4, Part 2
Log Entry 4, Part 3
Log Entry 4, Part 4 (Writing as Lydia)
Learning Activity Four
Log Entry 5, Part 1
Log Entry 5, Part 2
Log Entry 5, Part 3
Log Entry 5, Part 4 (Writing as Lydia)
Learning Activity Five
Log Entry 6, Part 1
Log Entry 6, Part 2
Log Entry 6, Part 3
Log Entry 6, Part 4 (Writing as Lydia)
Learning Activity Six
Log Entry 7, Part 1
Log Entry 7, Part 3
Log Entry 7, Part 4 (Writing as Lydia)
Lydia's Story
Log Entry 8 (Writing as Lydia)

From the Paper:

"Log Entry 5, Part 3: I think what Lydia wanted me to learn from her quiz was that her culture is more than just reading books or watching movies. I get the feeling that she really wants me to walk in her shoes if only for a short time just to know how she really feels. I know all of this isn't easy for her, but she is making steady progress.
"Log Entry 5, Part 4 (writing as Lydia): My social worker is really trying hard to get to know more about my culture. I'm really beginning to feel that she cares. She asked me to give her a quiz so we could both determine her knowledge of my culture thus far. I knew she was expecting questions based on all the literature she read about the Mexican American War and stuff like that. To be honest, I barely know about that kind of stuff myself, but I do know about teen pregnancy, the high school dropout rate and things like that, so that's what I quizzed her on. She failed miserably and I wasn't upset because it gave us an opportunity to talk about my concerns. I felt like she was actually listening and she even tried to respond sometimes in Spanish. Her Spanish is still poor, but she makes me laugh trying."

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